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Pediatric Advanced Life Support (PALS) by Michelle Hofmeister

Pediatric Advanced Life Support also known as PALS is a training program to give people the skills and knowledge to deal with infants and young children who have critical health or a condition. The program’s goal is to educate people so they know the correct procedures when giving CPR or stabilizing an infant or child with specific symptoms, either in or out of the hospital setting. The goal of PALS is to improve the quality of care given to seriously ill or injured children.

PALS training course is for a wide variety of people including, pediatricians, physicians, family, emergency, assistants, nurses, nurse practitioners, respiratory therapists, paramedics, and general healthcare providers. The information in the class is made from the most recent treatment recommendations and processes that are accepted by the American Heart Association. The two most important parts of pediatric advanced life support is recognition and treatment. The class teaches the one to two rescuer child CPR and AED use and one to two rescuer infant CPR. Also, it teaches management of respiratory emergencies, rhythmic disturbances, vascular access, and having a systematic approach to assessing an infant or child. A person first needs an accurate understanding of the infant or child’s condition then with a proper understanding they can determine what kind of treatment or stabilization technique they need to apply.

To be able to take the American Heart Association PALS course you must first take a skills pretest before the actual test. The course is 14 hours long and will require the person to have preparation and certain specifications to take the course. The teaching and techniques of the class have all up to date methods that will help save lives and effectively stabilize a young child or infant.


If you’re in the St. Louis are you can register for a live, hands on American Heart Association (AHA) PALS class here:
PALS certification – 1st time Pediatric Advanced Life Support PALS class
PALS recertification – to renew your PALS certification


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