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One of the techniques that will be covered in a Pediatric Advanced Life Support class is how to insert an intraosseous needle. You will learn when an intraosseous needle would be necessary to use over an intravascular needle insertion.

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This is an American Heart Association AHA PALS class in St. Louis. It’s easy to register for either on our website or by phone.

You can register for either a 1st time PALS class if you have never been certified before and need it for a school program or for employment, or you can sign up for the renewal class which takes around 6 hrs or so. The first time class is a 1 day class. This is unusual since most first time PALS classes are a 2 day event. Yes it is a long day (although not stressful), but it is better than two half days. Most of our customers love the 1 day class.

Basic Life Support for children and adult is covered along with respiratory emergency recognition. Also taught in the class is vascular access which includes details on intravenous needle access and intraosseous needle insertion. Resuscitation and the Pediatric Assessment Approach is then taught and practiced. The approach follows to Identify, then Intervene, then Evaluate the situation.

The PALS cases which are covered allow you practice and apply skills regarding respiratory, cardiovascular, and different forms of shock emergencies in infants and children.

A 2 year PALS provider card from the AHA is awarded after successfully completing a written exam.

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